MOCVD 在线监测系统系列产品

MOCVD在线监测系统系列产品用于实时监测工艺过程中晶圆的温度,反射率和翘曲度,并提供可靠的温度信号用于控温,适用于各种转速的MOCVD机台。包括温度反射率翘曲度在线监测(viperRTC)、表面温度测量(viper405)、温度校准单元(Calibration Unit)、温场扫描系统(Scanpyro)等产品

MOCVD 在线监测系列产品 in-Situ Monitoring Series

l viperRTC – Wafer reflectivity, temperature, curvature in-situ monitoring

l viper405 - Wafer surface temperature measurement

l Calibration unit - Broad band or single wavelength temperature calibration tool

l Scanpyro - Susceptor/Wafer profile measurement

温度反射率翘曲度在线监测 viperRTC


940nm, 405nm, 633nm or customized

Light Source

Temperature stabilized LED

Temperature Range

500 to 1450 °C or customized


<±1°C (by black body calibration)


< 1°C


-350 km-1 ~ +350 km-1

Software functions

l growth rate calculation -composition analysis
l runID synchronization
l Auto reporting
l Satellite rotation speed calculation

* Almost 100% market share in made in China MOCVD system, more than 400 system installed.

表面温度测量 viper405

l Temperature range: 650-1300 °C

l Spectral wavelength: 405nm
l Detector: Photon Counter
l Resolution: 0.1°C

l Emissivity setting: 0.100-1.0

l Repeatability: <1 °C
l Integration time: >= 1ms
l Interface: RS232C/Ethernet

l Power supply: 12V/1A

l TUV/CE Certification
l Optional Reflectivity and/or Curvature integration

温度校准单元 Calibration Unit

l Spectral wavelength: 940nm
l Data acquisition rate: 10.24 kHz

l Aperture size: 4mm
l Temperature Range: 500-1200°C

l Noise: < 0.005°C
l Temperature drift: < 0.2°C
l Repeatability: < 0.1°C

温场扫描系统 Scanpyro

l Scanning shows the temperature of the entire susceptor and wafers

l Adjustable display color settings

l Display radial and per circle distributions

l Click any point to display the temperature value